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Modern Garage Furniture
Modern Garage Furniture

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LYX Furniture is a company specialized in delivering complex solutions for garages. We produce and distribute modern, innovative furniture that will make storing tools and working in the garage easier. By combining our attention to detail and passion for design, we create solutions that stand out from other products available on the market.

With the support of the LYX garage furniture company, you can arrange your garage in various ways. Workshop, gym, art studio, or just a storage room – the space can serve numerous purposes. Whatever path you choose, investing in high-quality garage furniture will help you with keeping things in order.

Practical garage furniture for making the most out of your space

In order to leave as much space for the vehicle as possible, choose our garage furniture sets. Even if your driving skills are impeccable, maneuvering around the obstacles such as tools, containers, and machines, is quite troublesome. Instead of putting items on the floor, make some room for your car with a well-thought storing system. Carefully designed furniture will make it easier to store items in the most efficient way.

Instead of adding usual furniture to your garage interiors, choose equipment designed specifically for this purpose. It can provide you with handy storage and organizers without occupying valuable space.
Ready-made and custom solutions in our garage furniture store

You can choose either thoughtfully composed furniture sets or create your own from the particular segments. The first option is perfect for those who search for complex solutions and want to organize their space with just one purchase. The second one gives you more flexibility in arranging your garage.

Garage furniture made with resistant materials

Garage furniture adjusted to your space

The aesthetics are important – but the high-quality garage furniture should combine a modern & beautiful design with functionality. If you choose LYX garage furniture company as your supplier, you’ll be able to adjust the dimensions and typology of the equipment to the spatial capabilities. Instead of choosing one of the sets, you can also compose your own out of available segments or order a custom-made product adjusted to your needs.

Garage furniture store with custom made solutions available

Garages can have different widths and heights – that’s why the possibility of choosing a custom size is crucial. Our garage furniture store makes custom equipment by order, adjusting the modules to the client’s needs. Using our services will help you make the most out of your garage.
If you’re searching for beautiful and practical pieces, there is no need to look any further.

Our products don’t differ much from the ones designed for houses and apartments – at least not at first glance. A lot of compartments and folded elements make it easier to organize your items comfortably and safely. At the same time, we select materials that increase the durability of the furniture.

If you’re having doubts about the selection of the furniture set, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our expert will provide you with the detailed specifications of each set or component and help you select the solution that meets your expectations 100%. We put the satisfaction of our clients first – we’ll make sure that you find your match!

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