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LYX was founded in Poland, which is the greatest inspiration for everything we do. Craftsmanship, the materials that surround us and our Polish manufacturing heritage. A heritage based on elegance, hard work, craftsmanship and the best materials.
In our company, we have young and talented designers and engineers, and thanks to extensive production capabilities, we are able to create new and captivating designs and structural solutions.

We are not a traditional furniture manufacturer; we focus on grasping opportunities to create new and innovative products that have not yet been on the market.

Apart from being passionate about our work, craftsmanship and durability of products, we offer custom made furniture, and because our furniture is not mass-produced, we are able to meet the individual expectations of our customers in terms of design.

The LYX team focuses on the production of furniture that works well during difficult weather conditions and when exposed to temperature fluctuations.
We strive to offer perfectly designed products where there were none.
The LYX brand is there to make a garage, garden or site development around buildings even more beautiful.