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Do you want to become an LYX partner?
Currently, we make every effort to ensure that LYX products are represented around
the world by a mindfully selected group of Retail Partners and Preferred Partners.

Our approach to partnership
Becoming an LYX partner is your chance to join a company that is proud of its heritage and determined to develop its vision beyond measure. At LYX, we know that success stands for teamwork, and our partnership strategy is based on long-term relationships with selected partners from each country, whom we assist at every step.

What do we expect from our partners?
As we value business with the highest standards in communication and partnership, we are looking for partners who share this attitude. We value partners who are committed and determined to ensure our mutual success and demonstrate a passion for craftsmanship and durable and high-quality products.

Dedicated support
At LYX, we focus on working for our partners to the best of our ability, always ready to support them in any way possible.

What kind of partner are you?
At LYX, we work with two kinds of partners: LYX Retail Partners and LYX Preferred Partners as well as LYX Online Partners

LYX Retail Partners
An LYX Retail Partner is someone who operates a store or chain of stores offering products in the field of interior and terrace furnishings, garage and garden equipment (including garage doors and street furniture). The store is located in the city centre or nearby, in close proximity to other stores offering similar products. An online store would provide an added value, but a physical store is a must for all retail partners. Our business partners display the series of LYX products on several displays occupying approximately 20-50 m2 of space.

LYX Preferred Partners
An LYX Preferred Partner is selected among leading retailers to showcase the entire LYX collection, including a “contract” offer targeting the market of public spaces and the development market. Our goal is to establish partnerships with Preferred Partners in the world's leading cities. LYX Preferred Partners display the entire line of LYX products in a specially designed exhibition space.

Online Partners
Recently, we have launched a program for partners who solely operate online stores. Please, contact us for more information.

Wishing to join us?
Contact a member of our sales team if you want to become our Partner.