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The garage can serve various purposes aside from keeping the car inside. You may limit its usage to car storage or use it as a little workshop, or simply sports and leisure space. Garages can also be turned into a gym, art studios, or even offices. Whichever solutions you choose, a good organization is crucial – and it will be challenging without quality furniture!

If you want to organize it in the most efficient way, consider investing in garage furniture sets specifically designed for this kind of space. Our equipment will fit garages of different sizes and answer your needs.

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  • Garage Furtniture Set 02 Graphite by Lyx

    SET 02/GG

    2,500.00 (2,032.52 netto)
  • Graphite and Oak Garage Furniture Set Lyx 02

    SET 02/GO

    2,600.00 (2,113.82 netto)
  • Garage Furtniture Oak Graphite Lyx

    SET 02/OG

    2,700.00 (2,195.12 netto)
  • Lyx Garage Furniture Set 02 Oak

    SET 02/OO

    2,900.00 (2,357.72 netto)
  • Graphite Oak Garage Furniture Lyx

    SET 01/GO

    1,600.00 (1,300.81 netto)
  • Graphite furtniture set lyx 01

    SET 01/GG

    1,500.00 (1,219.51 netto)
  • Compact Garage Furniture Set

    SET 01/OG

    1,700.00 (1,382.11 netto)
  • Oak Garage Furniture by Lyx

    SET 01/OO

    1,900.00 (1,544.72 netto)

Garage furniture sets designed with an emphasis on quality

At LYX Furniture, we pay particular attention to the quality of our products. To produce our garage furniture set, we use carefully selected materials from reliable sources and verify their durability through a series of quality tests. We combine a modern design with a functional approach to create equipment that will make your space more friendly and practical at the same time. LYX puts importance on every smallest detail. That’s what makes our car garage furniture stand out from other equipment.

Fitted garage furniture for the better organization of your space

The main obstacle you may face when arranging your garage for a particular purpose is the lack of space. As at least one car should fit inside, garages are usually relatively large. Nevertheless, after parking your vehicle, it may turn out that the free space is quite limited. That’s why a thoughtful arrangement is crucial if you want to be able to move around freely. Our garage furniture sets will make it easier.

Car garage furniture – a versatile solution

Car garage furniture is a perfect solution for any limited space. It allows you to take full advantage of your garage and quickly transform it into a leisure or working space. It’s a perfect solution for artists and craftsmen that turn their garage into a workshop from time to time but need some space for their vehicles as well.

Custom – made garage furniture sets

Choosing thoughtfully designed garage furniture is a perfect choice for those who don’t have time or patience for arranging their own storage solution. Let’s not forget about the aesthetics. Our innovative garage furniture sets is created with an attention to detail and in line with the newest design trends. If you want to make your garage look good and increase its functionality at the same time, go for this kind of equipment. Fitted garage furniture is designed to provide you with the maximum storage space without occupying too much of it. Moreover, you can adjust its dimensions to the needs of your space.

You can choose either sets or particular pieces of furniture. In order to make our offer more flexible, we made both options available. If you’re having doubts regarding the specification of the product, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will help you with selecting the best solution for your garage. We distribute both ready-made and custom-made furniture. Choose the second variant if you already have a project in mind. We’ll bring it into life.