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Garbage Bins Covers

If you’re a lucky owner of a garden, you most likely know how much effort it costs to keep it both functional and good-looking. Our thoughtfully designed waste bin covers will make your outdoors beautiful without compromising functionality. By choosing our innovative solution, you can be eco and keep your garden or patio beautifully arranged.

Modern waste bin cover modules to keep your outdoor spaces beautiful & functional

Outdoor bins are a typical element of outdoor arrangements. Their design is usually as simple as possible, and it rarely goes in line with the rest of the backyard arrangement. In response to the increasing demand for solutions that incorporate modern design, we’ve created domestic waste bin covers that harmonize with your outdoor spaces. With its usage, you can hide the ugly containers without compromising functionality.

The design of waste bin covers is supposed to make putting the waste in the container and segregation even easier. At the same time, they hide the bins which are usually made from plastic.

Another benefit of using a cover for the waste bin is the reduction of smells. The containers themselves are usually not airtight. Because of that, it’s challenging to keep the smells from spreading, particularly in the summer. With the waste bin covers, it’s much easier.

Innovative bin covers for the garden that help you with being eco

Segregation is a fundamental element of eco-lifestyle. A well-thought waste storage system makes segregating much easier. To do it efficiently, you should have access to at least three containers to divide the plastic, metal, and glass. By choosing our module, you won’t have to choose between the aesthetics of your house surroundings for the sake of ecology anymore. Our beautifully designed waste bin covers will help you with combining these two together.

Aside from modern solutions designed to resemble furniture, we’ve also created an innovative container BinCover Flora. It is equipped with a system to store plants or decorative stones. With its usage, you can create a green roof that will merge with the garden surroundings. Let’s not forget that this kind of waste bin cover also stabilizes the temperature inside the bin. It inhibits the fermentation processes and, by that, prevents unpleasant smells.

Modern waste bin covers in various style variants

At LYX furniture, we use only carefully selected materials resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions. The metal and wood we use are durable enough to last years without any damage. If you choose LYX modules, you don’t have to worry about the destructive potential of humidity and UV radiation.

Our sets are available in various variants. This way, you can adjust it to the existing arrangement.

If you’re having some doubts regarding our solution or need help with choosing the perfect module, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will help you with selecting the solution that will go in line with your needs.