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The innovative “Hatch” system provides quick and comfortable access to rubbish bins.
The storage shed has a tilting lid that can be opened for easy depositing of your rubbish without having to put the rubbish bag down.
The connection system between the LYX BinCover lid and the bin cover makes it very convenient to use.
In addition, the system is equipped with gas springs that facilitate opening and keep the lid open during use.
Each module is equipped with a separate system providing unrestrictive use of our solutions.

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  • Sale! -15% Corten Lyx Wheelie Bin Storage Lamina with Hatch - Triple Size

    HATCH Corten

  • Sale! -15% Lyx Wheelie Bin Storage Granite Hatch Triple

    HATCH Granite

  • Sale! -15% lyx wheelie bin storage rock hatch triple

    HATCH Rock

  • Sale! -15% lyx waste bin cover steel look with hatch

    HATCH Steel

  • Sale! -15% Lyx Waste Bin Cover Wood Look with Hatch

    HATCH Wood