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The PURE system has a flat lid slightly inclined to drain water. The solution is very simple, but thanks to the high-quality workmanship, it is not only practical but also effectively improves the surroundings of the house.

With a flat lid, as in the case of the FLORA system, the rubbish bin can only be accessed through the door. The set includes a safety chain and a guide rail for the wheels.

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  • Sale! -15% Lamina Corten Look Wheelie Bin Storage for 3 waste bins

    PURE Corten

  • Sale! -15% Lyx Wheelie Bin Storage Granite Look

    PURE Granite

  • Sale! -15% Triple Rook Look Wheelie Bin Cover by Lyx

    PURE Rock

  • Sale! -15% Triple Steel Wheelie Bin Cover by Lyx

    PURE Steel

  • Sale! -15% Lyx Wastebin Cover Wood

    PURE Wood