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PURE Steel



What distinguishes the product

Apart from the aforementioned basic design solutions, this version also features the front doors made of 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel, perfectly matching the elegant and minimalist look. A stable steel structure ensures quality and failure-free operation for many years.
The doors have an integrated opening handle.
The LYX brand logo burned out on the handle provides a perfect complement to the entire design.



LYX BinCover series products are delivered “flat-pack” via a courier company or a forwarder for self-assembly on site. The shipment includes assembly instructions and all the necessary accessories.
The assembly process is very simple and does not require specialist knowledge or tools.
All products are delivered on a shipping pallet, which is non-returnable and will not be picked up by the carrier.


We recommend that you carefully check the products against any scratches or damage before accepting it or before starting the assembly work. No comments or complaints will be considered upon receipt or if not reported to the carrier on the shipping document.

Time depends on the type of project:

  • Bin Covers / 8 weeks

For customized projects the time is determined individually.

If for any reason the delivery date has to be extended, we will immediately inform you about the current waiting time.

What materials is LYX BinCover made of

LYX BinCover sheds are made of high-quality, durable galvanized steel with a thickness of 1 – 1.5 mm, ensuring resistance to weather conditions and corrosion.
All steel parts are varnished with ecological powder paints, providing extraordinary protection against mechanical damage as well as improving the anti-corrosion properties.

All additional elements such as hinges, legs and accessories are also made of anti-corrosion materials, ensuring the long life of our systems while maintaining long-term aesthetics.

The LYX BinCover system comes in several material options to better adapt to individual customer expectations.

Additional Accessories

1. Key lock

A bin security system based on mechanical locks.
The perfect solution for housing estates. Locks equipped with user keys (2 pieces) as well as a master key, for example, for a caretaker or the administration.

2. Drainage mat for the LYX BinCover FLORA model.

Provides regulation of the water environment for plants. On warm days, it provides water, whereas, during rain, it prevents water backflow and allows excess water to drain away.

Download the product sheet in PDF